How to Clean Your Acrylic Blocks

How to Clean Your Acrylic Blocks

I have a cute little story for you today. Once upon at time my acrylic stamping blocks were soooo dirty, to the point where they were hard to see through. My husband was curious as to why I didn’t clean them. When I told him I didn’t know what to use, he was dumbfounded.  Don’t laugh, but I really didn’t know what to use that would get the permanent ink off.  Later that day I walk into the kitchen and he was with a stack of my blocks looking perfectly new again. All he used was some household cleaner spray and paper towels to clean them, and then he washed them off with soap and water. I was afraid the chemicals would ruin my stamps. SO EASY RIGHT?!

So,  if your acrylic stamping blocks are dirty, grab your all-purpose glass cleaner and your blocks will look brand new in minutes.

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